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Customer Retention: Closing the Loyalty Loop

Great companies use technology to accelerate momentum, not create it. As explained in the “teaser” video above, “customer defection is now at 62% which means you are only retaining 38% of your customers. Of those customers that defected, half of those people defect because of lack of communication.” Are you taking advantage of communication opportunities in the extended customer lifecycle? Are you creating brand loyalty through the expectation of the customer experience rather than the expectation of a transaction? Join me on December 19, 2013 to explore the motivating factors of consumers in the digital market of today and how to strengthen customer retention beyond the initial 12 week customer lifecycle.

Key takeaways will include:

      • How to use technology to accelerate sales momentum
      • See the customer lifecycle beyond the awareness phase
      • Reduce customer defection with improved communication opportunities
      • Create brand loyalty through customer-centric processes


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timmy jamesRick McLey
Founder – Interactive 360

Rick McLey is the founder of Interactive 360, Inc. His love of technology began while working as a Data Systems Specialist for the United States Navy. After leaving the military, he attended the University of Arizona to pursue his other passion, the human brain, and study in the area of Physiology. While going to school Rick worked as a Salesperson for an automotive dealership in order to help pay for his college education. This is where Rick came to love the automotive industry, and used his skills to move from selling vehicles to becoming an Executive Manager over multiple dealerships. Rick was an integral part of the dealerships’ success with an average monthly sales volume of 800 units. While working in the retail industry for over 20 years, Rick spent part of this time working for some of the largest dealer groups in the United States. 

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